Tom joined Freedom FFS in late 2022 having graduated from college. He quickly showed his ability and willingness to master a variety of challenging accounting software systems and has become a highly sought after member of the SMSF setup team. He particularly enjoys the technical aspects of supporting FFS clients, including the backend process challenges. […]


Karen was invited to join the Freedom FSS team in September 2022 to meet the surge in demand for SMSFs, when she moved back to Australia from Canada after more than two decades. Starting as all-round office support for the SMSF set up team, Karen now leads the banking set up team. She particularly enjoys […]


Mohamed joined Freedom FFS in May 2023 as full-time casual employee during his university semester break. He started with basic admin and office support work, moving swiftly onto learning all aspects of the SMSF set up process and becoming a valued SMSF set up team member. He particularly enjoys speaking with clients, offering assistance as […]


Romy joined Freedom FFS in October 2022 as casual admin support staff, working on SMSF setups while finishing college. After graduating college, she became full-time for her ‘gap-year,’ learning the complexities of the SMSF set up process and becoming one of the SMSF set up team’s account managers. While Romy has been responsible for managing […]


Mieke joined Freedom FFS mid 2022 as a casual employee doing basic admin and office support work. After graduating from college in 2022, she became full-time, learning all the intricacies of the SMSF set up process and becoming the SMSF set up team’s lead account manager. While Mieke has been responsible for managing every aspect […]


Naomi is our Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Manager and Executive Assistant to Catherine Smith, coming to Freedom Financial Solutions FFS after a varied career in both the public and private sectors. While to many, the world of SMSFs and accounting may be a new one to learn and master, understanding money and knowing […]

Mary-Jane Liddicoat

As a former senior public servant, diplomat, author, publisher, linguist, interpreter, small business owner, human rights advocate, and community leader of 30 years standing, Mary-Jane has a diverse public and private sector experience across a broad range of industry sectors. Representing the Australian Government in Japan, Korea, and the Middle East, Mary-Jane has extensive international […]

Cass Smith

Cass is an Accountant, Tax Agent, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent and Property Adviser. She is also an Author and regular contributor in Your Investment Property Magazine. She was the 2019 Telstra Business woman of the Year (ACT) and has been awarded 50 plus other ACT, NSW and Australian awards in the financial services sector. […]