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We offer an integrated approach to your finances and wealth

Freedom Financial Solutions FFS is a multifaceted financial services firm established to assist clients to put strategies in place to create and manage wealth. Most people don’t realise that making a few tweaks to their current structure, whether that be a mortgage, taxation or a property investment portfolio, can have significant gains over the longer term.

Our services are designed for people at any stage in their financial journey and come with over 30 years’ experience. You are never too young or old to take control of your financial situations and we specialise in assisting both private and business clients.

Accounting & Taxation

Our taxation team have more than 30 years’ experience in complex taxation strategy and law. We assist private clients looking for straightforward taxation management through to SME and large businesses with more complex taxation goals and requiring multifaceted taxation structures to minimise tax.

Financial Planning

The financial services arm of our business is Wholistic Financial Coaching (WFC). As a separate financial advisory firm, WFC is affiliated with Wholistic Financial Solutions. As part of our financial planning business, we can offer you a comprehensive range of financial services including wealth accumulation, superannuation, SMSF and retirement planning, gearing strategies, risk management, estate planning and insurance.

Mortgage Broking & Finance

Our partners Wholistic Mortgage Solutions are experts in finding the right mortgage options for a future purchase or restructuring current financial arrangements you have in place to ensure that you have access to the best structure for your budget. In most instances, we can save you money and do all the hard work for you. With so many competing products on the market, we can assist you to make a daunting task simple.

Superannuation & SMSF

A superannuation strategy and/or well-structured SMSF prepares you for the future and ensures that the decisions you make now will result in a strong financial position at retirement. Whether you are years or decades away from retirement, we can assess your current superannuation plan and establish a financial structure that will start working for you.

Property Investment

Investing in property is an area that most people think is an easy self-managed solution to grow wealth but so many people get it wrong without the guidance from an expert. We can not only assist with where to buy for maximum return on your investment but also tax structure, how to manage property taxes, ownership, deductions and finance.

Personal Insurance

Insuring yourself against life’s uncertainties is sensible financial management. More than ever, we have recently seen how external factors can impact a person’s financial situation with no insurance plan in place. We can assist you to establish an insurance structure so that if the worst were to happen, you and your family can continue living a life that you are accustomed to.

Estate Planning & Wills

Estate Planning is about both you and the family. You want the peace of mind that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes and you also want to make sure that your family is financially protected. Estate planning ensures that all of your hard work and current financial position does not become a point of contention or cause rifts but is clearly documented and can be referenced and actioned with ease.

Property Management QLD

Demand quality and experience for your Investment Property. With over 40 years’ in property management, our vision is to empower every client with the property knowledge and skills to make positive and informed decisions to secure their own financial future by carefully considering each client’s individual requirements and tailoring property management solutions to suit. We provide property management services and support to many prominent investment and development groups and are ideally positioned to manage your investment property.