Lisa Galatis


Lisa is a CPA qualified Accountant having worked as an Auditor at the start of her career and subsequently moving into Financial Accounting. She has 20+ years’ experience across various sectors including property development, bookkeeping & consulting services, tax accounting, land surveying and telecommunications. She has lived & worked in 3 different countries & speaks 3 languages. Lisa is highly skilled in streamlining processes leading to efficient teams, strategic planning & implementation, enhancing collaboration & communication in the workplace and change management.

Lisa is passionate about empowering people to take ownership in co-creating the life they desire. She completed a Cert IV in Human Resources as well as a Diploma in Life Coaching incorporating Hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy®. Lisa is fascinated by the connection between energy, our physical bodies & the mind – hence she studied ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation and is a facilitator of their Self Care, Learn to Meditate & Childrens Meditation courses. She has also studied Human Design & has fun experimenting with her chart. Lisa has 3 young adult children – twin boys & a daughter. She loves traveling, cooking, trying new experiences and expanding her knowledge