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FB Live – Cass chats with Myk Simms about Ferny Haven off-grid community developments & financial freedom – click here to watch

5:30pm Wed 17 July Ferny Haven community project Q&A with Cass – click here to join or use Teams Meeting ID 484 295 022 890 and PW q58z7c

6:30pm Wed 17 July – FREE online Q&A with Cass – click here to join or use Teams Meeting ID 446 526 550 207 and PW NX75aX

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How to join tonight’s meeting

6:30pm (AEST) Friday 28 June 2024

Simply click here to join or (for some devices) use Teams Meeting ID 490 279 933 053 and PW PG2fdx

TONIGHT 6:30 pm Fri 29 June

Ferny Haven Q&A 

Join Cass & Sam to find out more about their exciting, second like-minded project, including the ins and outs of affordable off-grid housing, and ways to create financial freedom & wellness in the community. Get your questions answered

– how is it set up?

– how will it be organised & managed?

– how much does it cost (upfront & ongoing)?

– is it as a worthwhile investment?

– who will be part of the community?

– how is it unique? and more

How to join tonight’s meeting

Simply click here to join or (for some devices) use

Teams Meeting ID 490 279 933 053 and PW PG2fdx

Want to learn more straight away? Start by watching this recording of a Facebook Live Cass did with Myk Simms, when he visited both their first project, and Ferny Haven in mid-June and also visit

Ferny Haven

Wellness Village & Retreat

We are looking for health-minded people, including healthcare practitioners, who would like to own a piece of paradise to live, run health-related events, or offer paid accommodation to event attendees. If you are interested being part of this amazing project click here to join tonight’s Q&A.

Options include: purchase to live in the Wellness Village; live in and practice your wellness field from the property; invest to rent to event participants; or buy as a ‘Bug Out’ option for the future, and rent out in the meantime. We are also looking for the right business partner to manage the Retreat Centre and there are options to own shares in the Retreat Centre from as low as $25,000. Lots of possibilities. Read all about them here.