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5:30pm Wed 17 July Ferny Haven community project Q&A with Cass – click here to join or use Teams Meeting ID 484 295 022 890 and PW q58z7c

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There are some things you’ll only hear about word-of-mouth. This is the true story of (one of many we hear) a likeminded community who have started trading in ‘real money,’ ie real silver. It started with men and women in a community agreeing to replace $50 fiat currency in their daily trade with 1 troy ounce silver coin. As this gained popularity, the community realised it needed smaller sizes of silver, and so it approached Ainslie Bullion. In response, Ainslie has now just released a brand new 1/10th troy ounce silver round, nicked named the ‘Byron Bob’. We love hearing these great examples of communities choosing to take action, asking what can be done, and receiving just what they need.